Rattray Pipes and Tobacco


Hiland’s has a new pipe and pipe tobacco line, Rattray has beautiful briar pipes, they just added three new series to their lineup, Mcbeth, Red Lion and Sir William, each are available in six shapes. Rattray’s pipes have a rugged style typical of the Brittish Isle.
Rattray is also offering new English/Scottish tobacco mixtures bearing the same name as the pipes. The tobaccos are packaged in 3.5 oz tins.

Holiday Pipe Tobacco


Peterson holiday

Don’t miss out on Peterson’s holiday pipe tobacco. These are limited edition tins.

The taste of loose cut Virginia, Cavendish and ready rubbed Burley tobaccos with a touch of Vanilla and a hint chocolate all come together and guarantee a slow and pleasurable smoking experience. Holiday Season 2014 will be your perfect companion during the festive season.

These are 3.5 oz tins

Now available at Hiland’s Cigars


C.A.O. Pipe Tobacco

Big news Pipe fans C.A.O. is still in production of their amazing C.A.O. Pipe tobacco and our good friends over at hilandscigars.com is place you can find the lowest prices from them. They offer all the amazing flavors C.A.O. makes. They have Bella Vanilla, Elleen’s Dream, C.A.O. Black, Moontrance, and Cherry Bomb. These are amazing flavors perfect for any pipe tobacco fan. They come in single tins and hilandscigars.com has them at the lowest around. Each flavor will send your taste buds on the tip of a life time. Hurry up and order yours now.

Dunhill Pipe Tabacco

Hilands Pipe Tobacco

Hilandscigars.com has been providing people with the lost prices on bulk and caned pipe tobacco for years. The offer a large verity of flavors from the 965  A delicious medium-full bodied English blend, a huge favorite among Hiland’s pipe smokers!, Night cap A delicious and rich blend for late in the day! This hearty tobacco is sweet with the occasional bitterness and pepper flavors. An old time favorite!, Early Morning A Select Orient tobaccos are carefully processed and blended with slightly roasted light and red Virginia tobaccos. A classic English blend with some Latakia, medium cut, and English Lite A delicious light blend with the flavor and aroma of Latakia. Perfect for a morning smoke, or for smokers who are just breaking into the world of English blends. We also received word that they just got a fresh shipment of new Savinelli Rugers and if you enter in this Key word PIPES you not only receive 20% Savinelli Rugers you will receive 20% all Savinelli pipes. Just another way the Great Guys at hilandscigars.com are saving you money and giving you discount t prices everyday.

Newly Acquired Estate Pipes

charatan's  vintage A-2 12 count wooden pipe stand

Over at hilandscigars.com they just got a huge shipment of Estate pipes. Several different kinds they have received Dunhill, Sasieni, Comoy, castello, charatans, and many more they are all extremely rare pipes perfect for any collector and they are at an extremely discounted rate, its unbelievable, they also received 3 beautiful pipe stands all made of solid wood. One is a 12 count, another and 24 count, and a double stack 24 count. I recommend you go over to hilandscigars.com and get these pipes now before they are all gone.

Best Pipe Tobacco

Last month Hilandscigars.com was kind enough to send us three free pound of their pipe tobacco and well we haven’t stopped ordering it sense. The pipe Tobacco has an amazing taste and it burn very well. some personal favorites of ours are the black gold plus and the Snow Flake, but they have a lot more flavors then that and for very low prices. If you would like to order either a pound or half pound of their delicious pipe tobacco go to hilandscigars.com or call 1 800 777 4854 and talk to Scott and he will hook you up with the greatest and cheapest pipe tobacco you can get.