Ashton Pipe Tobacco

Ashton, a renowned leader in cigars, also has a line of pipe tobacco that includes a variety of blends for every pipe smoking taste.

Winding Road: “A mellow mixture designed to bridge the gap between aromatic and english style blends. Comprised of golden and dark brown Virginia with a sprinkling of black cavendish, this excellent blend bears a natural fragrance accompanied by subtle notes of caramel and apricot.”

Consummate Gentleman: “A proper English mixture composed of only the finest Virginia, Maryland, and Burley tobaccos with a pinch of Latakia. The result is a remarkable blend that is medium-bodied and traditionally English in character.”

Gold Rush: “A pure Virginia blend made of only the most outstanding Virginia Tobaccos. Medium-bodied and smooth, this mixture burns beautifully and renders a natural aroma accented by traces of lemon and honey.”

Smooth Sailing:”Pleasurably palatable and wonderfully smooth, this aromatic mixture is slightly nutty, boasting flavors of maple, coconut and dark chocolate.”

Rainy Day: “A savory blend of Virginia and Burley Leaf with Velvet Black Cavendish. Aged in Whiskey barrels for precisely one month, this mixture smokes smooth and heralds a marvelous aroma of tropical fruit and hickory nuts.”

Xikar Scribe Pipe Lighters

Xikar is a respected name in the lighter game.  Their new Scribe Lighter is no exception.  This elegant piece features a angled flame that will perform perfectly when the time for a smoke is right. As always Xikar includes with all its lighters a lifetime warranty, a truly remarkable value. deals in all Xikar lighters and is an excellent place to begin your search for that perfect light.


Great Tobacco Blends

Here at Best Pipe Tobacco we are always trying new tobacco blends; today we have three that we would like to share with you as some of our favorites.

Snowflake is a unique aromatic blend that is produced by Hiland’s Cigars, it is one of their top-selling blends and it consistently gets raving reviews on their site.  This blend can be described as a smooth sweet smoke that gives little bite to the tongue.  It’s aroma is that of fresh baked cookies.  It is sure to make you the most popular smoker in the room.

Somerset is another great blend that incorporates a Golden Cavendish and a hint of fire-cured flavor. It is a very satisfying blend that offers a smooth smoke.

Black Gold is a medium to full aromatic Cavendish that uses Rare Green River Burley.  When we asked how they blended this splendid tobacco they told us the process was top secret.  We don’t mind though and neither should you, this tobacco will not fail to impress even the most distinguished smokers.

We received all these blends in a  free sample from Hiland’s Cigars.  They will pass the offer on to you too, give them a call and ask for Scott (480) 945-7050.

Savinelli Balsa System

Savinelli, a world renowned pipe producer also produces a variety of products that can enhance your next smoke.  Their balsa system is something we think that all pipe smokers should try.

The purpose of the small piece of wood is to absorb some of the smoke’s impurities without affecting the taste of the tobacco.  Inserting the balsa wood into the stem is a very simple process and will result in a much cleaner smoke. Our friends at Hiland’s Cigars have a great selection of  pipe care products, they are featured on their website

Pipe Care

We all love our pipes dearly here at Best Pipe Tobacco so we thought we should share a product that we have found increases the longevity of a pipe.

Pipemaster’s Clean and Cure is a solution that is used to clean and deodorize your pipe bowl and stem.  It is a very simple process that only takes a few minutes but will bring your pipe back to a “new out of the box” state.  By pouring a small amount of fluid into the the bowl and draining it through the stem you will have rejuvenated your beloved pipe.

Hiland’s Cigars has Pipemaster’s Clean and Cure and a vast selection of other pipe care products, check them out at

Meerschaum Pipes

SMS pipes has been producing the highest quality Turkish Block Meerschaum pipes since the 1600’s.  The process for creating these beautiful works of art is truly remarkable.  The Meerschaum itself is a soft, white, porous substance that is found both underground and sometimes floating on the Black Sea.  Miners in Turkey find Meerschaum 50 to 450 feet underground.  The carving process then begins sometimes discarding 50 percent of the original block to achieve these beautiful and unique designs.  The incombustible substance provides a cool, smooth smoke that allows the true taste of the tobacco to reach the lips of the smoker.  Over time these pipes will acquire a distinct coloring from use.  It is truly a pipe that gets better with time.  Hiland’s Cigars has been dealing in tobacco since 1963 and has an excellent selection of SMS Meerschaum pipes at some very low prices.  Call Scott at (480) 945-7050 for a knowledgeable reference in regards to these pipes and other tobacco pipes.  Their website also has a wide selection of pipes available for viewing and purchase.