Dunhill Pipe Tabacco

Hilands Pipe Tobacco

Hilandscigars.com has been providing people with the lost prices on bulk and caned pipe tobacco for years. The offer a large verity of flavors from the 965  A delicious medium-full bodied English blend, a huge favorite among Hiland’s pipe smokers!, Night cap A delicious and rich blend for late in the day! This hearty tobacco is sweet with the occasional bitterness and pepper flavors. An old time favorite!, Early Morning A Select Orient tobaccos are carefully processed and blended with slightly roasted light and red Virginia tobaccos. A classic English blend with some Latakia, medium cut, and English Lite A delicious light blend with the flavor and aroma of Latakia. Perfect for a morning smoke, or for smokers who are just breaking into the world of English blends. We also received word that they just got a fresh shipment of new Savinelli Rugers and if you enter in this Key word PIPES you not only receive 20% Savinelli Rugers you will receive 20% all Savinelli pipes. Just another way the Great Guys at hilandscigars.com are saving you money and giving you discount t prices everyday.

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