Great Peterson Blends and Pipes

Here at Best Pipe Tobacco Blog we try to offer you some great advice on what we think are some of the finest tobacco blends on the market.  Peterson is a mainstay in creating great tobacco for a wide range of tastes.  Their prowess in the market is legendary, a result of their crafting of some of the highest quality blends that can be bought.  The few  blends that we suggest to you today are no exception.

The University Flake blend comes in a “cake” tobacco form meaning that it has been pressed making the tobacco ideal for slow burn smoking in any type of weather condition.  Using a Virginia tobacco blend, Peterson mixes in rich flavors of mahogany to distinguish this smoke as downright elegant

Moving on to something a little more traditional, Hyde Park is a blend that should not be overlooked. Again using Virginia style tobacco Peterson adds rum and maple sugars in order to ensure a pleasurable experience.

Old Dublin is another blend that we appreciate here at Best Pipe Tobacco Blog. This Latakia tobacco produces a smokey yet sweet aroma that will entice all the senses.

Peterson’s Irish Whiskey blend is aromatic blend that produces a unique scent of whiskey for a very special smoke.

Finally, the Sherlock Holmes blend lends itself to the famous sleuth himself. A Virginia tobacco this sweet blend is simple yet splendid.

We have found a great selection of these blends and more from our friends at, their staff is very helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to pipe tobacco.

In the pipe department, Peterson’s Pipe of the Year for 2012 is a pipe created for the pipe smoker that enjoys an impeccably crafted pipe.  This year a select number of these pipes were made and are a beautiful piece that you should really check out. Our friends at have this pipe on their website, if you are a pipe enthusiast don’t let this one slip away.

Also, If you are looking for extra long pipe cleaners for your Church Warden style pipe then look no further, our friends at have some quality cleaners available.




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