Meerschaum Pipes

SMS pipes has been producing the highest quality Turkish Block Meerschaum pipes since the 1600’s.  The process for creating these beautiful works of art is truly remarkable.  The Meerschaum itself is a soft, white, porous substance that is found both underground and sometimes floating on the Black Sea.  Miners in Turkey find Meerschaum 50 to 450 feet underground.  The carving process then begins sometimes discarding 50 percent of the original block to achieve these beautiful and unique designs.  The incombustible substance provides a cool, smooth smoke that allows the true taste of the tobacco to reach the lips of the smoker.  Over time these pipes will acquire a distinct coloring from use.  It is truly a pipe that gets better with time.  Hiland’s Cigars has been dealing in tobacco since 1963 and has an excellent selection of SMS Meerschaum pipes at some very low prices.  Call Scott at (480) 945-7050 for a knowledgeable reference in regards to these pipes and other tobacco pipes.  Their website also has a wide selection of pipes available for viewing and purchase.


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