Great Tobacco Blends

Here at Best Pipe Tobacco we are always trying new tobacco blends; today we have three that we would like to share with you as some of our favorites.

Snowflake is a unique aromatic blend that is produced by Hiland’s Cigars, it is one of their top-selling blends and it consistently gets raving reviews on their site.  This blend can be described as a smooth sweet smoke that gives little bite to the tongue.  It’s aroma is that of fresh baked cookies.  It is sure to make you the most popular smoker in the room.

Somerset is another great blend that incorporates a Golden Cavendish and a hint of fire-cured flavor. It is a very satisfying blend that offers a smooth smoke.

Black Gold is a medium to full aromatic Cavendish that uses Rare Green River Burley.  When we asked how they blended this splendid tobacco they told us the process was top secret.  We don’t mind though and neither should you, this tobacco will not fail to impress even the most distinguished smokers.

We received all these blends in a  free sample from Hiland’s Cigars.  They will pass the offer on to you too, give them a call and ask for Scott (480) 945-7050.

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